Space can be a grueling and hostile environment for Man Made Objects.

  • Current estimates of 4,857 artificial satellites orbiting Earth

  • 1,980 Functional and active​

  • 1 Satellite on average returns to Earth every week for fuel/ system failures

  • Average cost to send a standard size satellite into space: $65 - $424 Million

  • Average cost of a standard size satellite (Weather): $290 million +​

Beyond The Numbers

  • The lack of on-orbit inspection and servicing leads to
    strategic vulnerability and economic cost

  • Satellite servicing could eliminate the need for corporations and government agencies to invest millions — and sometimes billions — into the design and replacement anytime one in orbit breaks. 

  • Servicing will lower risk and cost of satellites in orbit.



Helping Humanity Reach For The Stars

With space costs being high for companies to constantly send new satellites into orbit just due to malfunctions of a specific part or running out of fuel on a previous satellite; There needs to be a maintenance and calibration infrastructure put in place. Our company will provide these services at the fraction of cost of sending a new Sat into space. 

We operate at lower costs due to:

  • Smaller Payloads

  • Single Mission Specific Designs

  • Alternative Launch Options

  • Lower Longevity Requirements

Reasons for Maintenance Besides Cost

Besides the costs of space missions, there are many business related reasons to have a maintenance infrastructure. 

  • Servicing will lower risk and cost of satellites in orbit

  • Collaboration between companies to produce larger satellites, assembled or built in orbit that can't be launched as a whole

  • On-orbit upgrades of hardware.

  • Increased satellite fleet resilience

  • Satellite rescue and relocation



Why choose Parsons?

At Parsons, we have worked to lower our overall mission costs to supply the customer with the best price and service. Each mission is individually tailored to the customers satellite and requirements. 

With single use satellites, we save costs on bandwidth rent, longevity and redundancy systems, weight, and materials.

With 24/7 Customer Support, we are always one phone call away for a mission update, comment or concern regarding your service package, and generic questions.


For Questions, Comments, Concerns, Please Contact Our Founder Below:

Larry Parsons


(951) 543-7223

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